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First of all, who is behind our Orta creations?
Come, come, we'll show you everything!

When we began this adventure called Orta, we wanted to offer our clients fashionable items, but not just that! We wanted to offer you made in Europe creations, pieces that are affordable and made with sustainability in mind.

Where does one start? The basis of a creation, the first step is choosing a workshop. We wanted to produce items close to home, so going on the other side of the world was out of the question! We obviously turned our eyes to France and Portugal.

Producing items locally allows us to considerably reduce the carbon footprint associated with the acquirement of raw materials but also with our creations’ delivery. It was essential to us that you think of our clothes as your most trustworthy daily partner, so we had to find the best expertise in order to bring the Orta project to life.

Given the diversity of the European know-how, we found local workshops that mastered all the tailoring techniques that we were looking for. This is also our way of helping preserve them. Today we are working with 17 workshops that have become more than just partners and with whom we maintain a relationship of trust.


Discover our workshops in complete transparency:

  • France

    Know-how: Weaving
    Number of seamstresses working there: 9

    What we like about Orta
    is that it's all about sharing and learning.
    We evolve, we grow together,
    we talk and we communicate.

    Laetitia ; Manager of a family workshop of 15 people

  • Portugal

    Know-how: Denim creations, knits & Melton, wool leather items, swimsuits etc.
    Number of seamstresses working there: 92

    Thank you for being with us and for trusting us.
    We will continue to strive for the best products
    and the best quality possible.

    Ricardo ; Manager of a family workshop of a dozen people

  • The Mist (by) Orta


    The Mist (by) Orta
    We decided to keep it local when it comes to the mist that we use to spray your packages
    with and produce it in Belgium. It is sweet pea-scented and you can use it as a textile or room fragrance.

3 key aspects about Orta:


Your returns are offered from
Metropolitan France, Belgium,
Germany, the Netherlands
and Luxembourg.

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