L'ÉTÉ PARTIE 4 - BRISE IODÉE: The July collection is online.                                                                   


L'ÉTÉ PARTIE 4 - BRISE IODÉE: The July collection is online.                                                                   

La deuxième vie chez Orta

Almost perfect pieces & Prototypes

At Orta, we are committed to offering creations of flawless quality. However, as our beautiful pieces are all handmade by our seamstresses, it may happen that slight defects occur during the manufacturing process. The Orta tribe then finds solutions...

As you can imagine, we would never leave clothes lying around in a corner of our warehouse or, worse, throw them away!

So, let us tell you a bit about how we give these clothes a second life.

Quality control
1   Orta une mode durable  •  Orta une mode durable  •

Quality control

Teamwork at every step

Naturally, each of our pieces goes through a thorough quality check before being sent to you.

During the order preparation, as well as when processing returns, our wonderful logistics team goes through every piece meticulously. Their eagle eyes are very sharp!

As soon as a creation has a small defect, it is immediately discarded and taken out of stock.

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Looking through the magnifying glass
2   Orta une mode durable  •  Orta une mode durable  •

Looking through the magnifying glass

A real detective job

The Customer Experience team then collects the parts that have been set aside and returns them to the office.

There, each piece will be put under a magnifying glass once again, and they will be divided into two categories:

The repairables

These are unworn, unwashed creations, with a label, that have a fixable defect. For example, a collar label or a button that has come off, a slightly fragile seam or a small hole that can be mended...

We then entrust these pieces to our partner tailor, whose workshop is just a stone's throw from the Orta office. He repairs them to their original shine and we then put them back in stock on our eshop so that they can be cherished by people like you.

The unrepairables

These are unworn, unwashed creations, with a label, that have a defect that cannot be corrected. However, these small imperfections do not in any way prevent the piece from being worn!

For example, a slightly difficult fly on a pair of jeans, a stray thread in the weave of a shirt, or a dress that has unfortunately lost its matching belt.

In order to remain transparent, we take the time to write down the imperfection on each label, so that you are immediately aware of it.
We have named these items the "almost perfect pieces".

Now, you may be wondering where this is all heading...?

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A very special rendez-vous
3   Orta une mode durable  •  Orta une mode durable  •

A very special rendez-vous

The opportunity to find great items at low prices

A special moment where we can meet you, but above all, an exclusive sale where we introduce our almost perfect pieces.

And it doesn't stop there! You will also find some of our prototypes. What are they? These are the first drafts of our creations. Before a piece is officially approved and can be included in one of our collections, it usually takes several trials, adjustments and modifications, before it reaches perfection.

These are unique pieces produced at an intermediate stage in the creation of an Orta model. The prototypes include some pieces that never saw the light of day, but also some of our iconic models in colours that were never released. In short, as we've said: these are VERY SPECIAL pieces.

And there you have it, the whole process of giving Orta creations a second life!

If you would like to be notified about our next sale of almost perfect pieces and prototypes, please subscribe to our newsletter and stay tuned on our social media platforms.

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