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Can you combine fashion and a sustainable approach?
Yes, you definitely can :)

Buying an Orta piece is not just about buying an incredibly perfect (we’re so not exaggerating and are totally objective here) fashion item, it’s much more than that! Behind each of our creations there are several values that we want to share with you. Changing and evolving as a brand in a highly polluting industry is not something that just happens. At Orta, we do everything in our power to offer you quality items, created in a responsible and environmentally friendly way.

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Orta is not just about these 4 values, it is above all a human endeavor. We are a young and dynamic team that knows how to bounce back after any challenge. We work as a close-knit unit on a daily basis, constantly holding each other accountable in order to constantly evolve and improve. We’re entrepreneurs at heart, so we know how to take risks to make our / your dreams come true. Sharing, bouncing back and learning from our mistakes are important values to us.


Your returns are offered from
Metropolitan France, Belgium,
Germany, the Netherlands
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