L'ÉTÉ PARTIE 4 - BRISE IODÉE: The July collection is online.                                                                   


L'ÉTÉ PARTIE 4 - BRISE IODÉE: The July collection is online.                                                                   


Entrepreneurship is not a sprint
but a marathon

—Marion's motto, co-founder of Orta

Combining fashion and sustainability?

Yes, it is possible!

Buying an Orta creation is not just about buying an incredibly perfect fashion item (in all objectivity), it's much more than that! Behind each of our creations are several values that we want to share with you. Working in a highly polluting industry is not inevitable and at Orta, we do everything we can to offer you quality pieces, created in a responsible and environmentally friendly way.

  1. Ambition
  2. Sustainable
  3. Trendy
  4. Affordable



Made in Europe

Since Orta's very beginnings, made in Europe has been a priority and a reality! All of our creations are entirely made in France and Portugal, in workshops that share our vision of sustainable fashion.

At Orta, the quality of our raw materials is paramount. After many years of research with long-standing suppliers, established for several decades, we are able to offer you quality materials and fabrics.

As for the quality of our clothes, it is the result of years of discussions and improvements with our French and Portuguese manufacturers.

So rest assured, we leave no stone unturned to ensure that your creations will stand the test of time.


An approach

That is sustainable

We make all of our designs in a responsible manner and in compliance with social and environmental standards.

At Orta, all shipments are made in a rational manner, by land. This way, we reduce our carbon footprint by producing on a European scale.

Another way of offering you responsible fashion is to encourage you to buy less by offering items that are made to last over time. These are carefully sent in 100% cotton bags or in a pretty gift box made of 100% recycled kraft paper.

Did you know that if you place your order in the same day, before 3pm, we will group your orders together for shipping?



that are trendy

Who says you can't dress responsibly and still be stylish?

At Orta, we rise to the challenge each month with a new collection of trendy and timeless designs.

What matters to us is that you can wear our designs season after season without worrying about them going out of fashion or the quality deteriorating.



That are affordable

When we set up Orta, one of the most important things was to be able to offer you our creations at affordable prices. That's why we have favoured a short production circuit - without intermediaries!

But how do we set the prices of our creations? Our prices reflect the cost of purchasing and using high quality and responsible raw materials, but also the cost of the premium and European manufacturing required to create them. At Orta, it is the product itself that you pay for, rather than irrelevant sidelines!

And because our prices are fair all year round, we don't have regular sales. But from time to time we do offer the Responsible Rendez-vous to avoid waste.

Orta Team

More than just values

But Orta is not only these 4 values, it is above all a humane company. We work hand in hand on a daily basis, always challenging ourselves to evolve and improve.

Entrepreneurs at heart, we know how to take risks to make our dreams come true. Sharing, bouncing back and learning from our mistakes are important values to us.


Fashion with meaning

When choosing our suppliers, price is not the main criterion. We take into account the quality, the know-how, the reliability but above all the working environment and the humane aspect of each of them.

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