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Behind the scenes of our creations

As we want to be as transparent as possible, what better than a video to show you our creations’ manufacturing process from A to Z.
Come with us behind the scenes for the making of our iconic Fanny shirt!

We tell you everything:

  1. The Design


    The Design

  2. The Fabrics


    The Fabrics

  3. The Prototype sample


    The Prototype sample

  4. The Production


    The Production


1 Everything starts with design

Everything that fills our imagination is drawn from different sources of inspiration. This is how designing starts. We observe different trends while watching fashion shows and looking at photos, but most of all, we look at what you / we like!

Sometimes there’s a print, like the one on the Adeline skirt, that inspires a creation and allows us to build the collection around it. Our goal is to make fashionable, timeless creations that you can wear and keep for years to come :-)

Did you know? Creating a new pattern is one of the most polluting steps in the manufacturing process. We therefore try to reuse the ones that you / we like most in order to reduce waste.

Le choix des matières premières

2 The choice of fabrics

This is the MOST important step! In order to be able to offer you sustainable creations, it is essential for us to make certain that the quality of our fabrics is the absolute best. We have therefore been working for years with our European suppliers to offer you the most qualitative and sustainable fabrics. We also pay particular attention to the cost of fabrics so as not to affect the price of our creations too much.

It is obviously essential to select fabrics depending on the specifics of each product: when it comes to our woven items, we work mainly with cotton, viscose, cotton gauze and when possible, recycled materials.

In the case of our knitted items, we adjust the weight of the fabric so that our creations are of the best possible quality and in order to obtain the desired result. Once we’ve chosen the material, we pick our prints and colors. Then begins the selection of patterns that we like (this requires a unanimous vote from the whole Orta team :-)). We then work on the colors of the print so that it matches the entire collection.
The next step can then begin!


3 The development of prototype samples

Once the piece has been designed and the fabrics chosen, our pattern maker, Aïthi, creates a technical sheet containing explanations regarding our new creations. We send them to the workshop that we choose depending on the expertise we need; our seamstresses can then create a pattern if it has not yet been done.

The first prototype sample is finally sent; part of the Orta team can try it out and then communicate the necessary changes to our workshop. We repeat this process until everything is perfect!

Once the prototype samples have been validated, they are tested, washed and worn for several weeks to see how they behave on a daily basis. These tests allow us to ensure the quality of the creations and to refine the finishing details so that they are as durable as possible. Now we just have to go through one last step :-)

Atelier Orta

4 Producing your favorite creations

Once the final prototype sample has been validated, the manufacturing can begin! Each item is cut, assembled and ironed before our seamstresses can start working on the finishing touches and begin the quality control of our creations We always make sure that our creations are made in accordance with social standards by choosing workshops that fit our values.

Once the manufacturing process is complete, the items are sent to our logistics center in the north of France. Our team then starts preparing your pretty packages, making sure to slip your creations into a cotton pouch; the pouches are all sprayed with our sweet pea-scented mist.

Your favorite piece is then ready to join your wardrobe :-)

Finally, Orta is about:

Making less but better

Since the textile industry is the second most polluting industry in the world, we wanted to promote reasonable and sustainable production practices.
We have therefore made the choice to produce our collections in limited quantities, favoring pre-orders to best meet your requests.

One rendez-vous per month

Once a month, we welcome you to discover our new collection and order your favorite creations. Follow us on Instagram or subscribe to our newsletter if you don’t want to miss any of our collection launches.

Our pre-orders

We started our pre-order system in 2017.
Our goal? We wanted to solve our « sold out » problem without going back on our commitment to sustainability.
Click here if you want to know more.

We promised you transparency:

Are you curious to know what values and which workshops are behind each of Orta's creations?
No need to search anymore, here are the answers to all your questions :)

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