L'ÉTÉ PARTIE 4 - BRISE IODÉE: The July collection is online.                                                                   


L'ÉTÉ PARTIE 4 - BRISE IODÉE: The July collection is online.                                                                   

Behind the scenes

Come, we'll take you for a ride

Well, what we'll actually do is show you the different stages behind the creation of our amazing garments. Come with us…

The drawing The drawing
1   Orta une mode durable  •  Orta une mode durable  •

The drawing

It all starts with a pencil stroke…

At this stage, it's the imagination of the styling team along with Marion that gives life to the creations. For inspiration, our super stylish colleagues always follow the latest trends, fashion shows, exhibitions, in short everything that allows for these little seeds of fashion ideas to sprout.

The aim here is to put onto paper trendy and timeless creations that you'll be able to keep over the years.

Did you know that creating a new template is one of the most polluting steps in the manufacturing process? At Orta, we therefore try to reuse the templates you liked most in order to limit the amount of waste.

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The materials The materials
2   Orta une mode durable  •  Orta une mode durable  •

The materials

The perfect fabric on your back

A step that is of course very important to us!

In order to offer you sustainable creations, it is essential that we ensure the quality of our materials. We have therefore been working for years with our European suppliers to offer you the most qualitative and responsible fabrics. We also pay particular attention to the cost of materials so as not to impact the price of our creations.

It is obviously essential to select the most appropriate materials for each model: for the warp and weft, we work mainly with cotton, viscose, cotton gauze and, when possible, recycled materials.

For the knitwear, we adapt the weight of the fabric so that our creations are of the best possible quality and have the desired effect.

Once the choice of material has been made, we choose our prints and colours... And that's a whole process at Orta! A democratic vote was introduced from the start, so that we would select prints that the whole team liked.

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Prototypes Prototypes
3   Orta une mode durable  •  Orta une mode durable  •


The ideal fit for your curves

Once the item has been imagined and the materials chosen, our designer, Aïthi, creates a technical sheet containing explanations about our new designs. We send them to the workshop we've chosen according to its expertise; our seamstresses can then create a pattern if it hasn't been done already. Upon the first delivery of a prototype, the team can try it on and send feedback. The aim is to test all of our designs on real women with real needs.

The process is repeated until everything is perfect.

Once the prototypes have been approved, they are tested, washed and worn for several weeks, in order to see how they react in everyday life. These tests allow us to ensure the quality of the creations and to fine-tune the finishing touches so that they are as resistant as possible. That way we can keep them (forever and ever).

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Dressmaking Dressmaking
4   Orta une mode durable  •  Orta une mode durable  •


Dressmaking is no child's play

Once the prototype is approved, we can start making it. Each item is cut, assembled and ironed before our seamstresses start the finishing touches and quality control of our creations. We always ensure that our creations are made in compliance with social standards by choosing workshops that are in line with our values.

Once the manufacturing process is complete, your creations are sent to our logistics centre in the North of France. There, our teams prepare your beautiful parcels, carefully slipping your pieces into a cotton pouch; and spraying it with our sweet pea fragrance mist.

And just like that, your new piece is ready to join your gorgeous wardrobe!

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In the end, Orta is

Produce less but so much better Produce less but so much better

Produce less but so much better

We know that the textile industry is the second most polluting industry in the world... so we decided to favour a reasoned and responsible production. That's why our quantities are limited.
And if you're really crazy about a piece, we offer pre-orders.
You are at the core of all of our choices, everything is orchestrated according to YOUR requests and preferences.

A monthly rendez-vous A monthly rendez-vous

A monthly rendez-vous

Get your diaries out, we'll see you every first Sunday of the month (or almost) for the release of a new collection. In order to never miss your favourite pieces, follow us on Instagram and/or subscribe to our newsletter!

A european approach A european approach

A european approach

We have embarked on a crazy project... It would take too long to explain it all on here, so come this way instead.

Seamstresses production

See for yourself

Take a look at what our seamstresses have been working on over the past few weeks

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