L'ÉTÉ, PARTIE 3 - BRISE PASSIONNÉE: The June collection is online.                              JOIN THE ORTA ADVENTURE: How about becoming an Orta shareholder?                              


L'ÉTÉ, PARTIE 3 - BRISE PASSIONNÉE: The June collection is online.                              JOIN THE ORTA ADVENTURE: How about becoming an Orta shareholder?                              


"Entrepreneurship is not a sprint
but a marathon"

—Marion's motto, co-founder of Orta

Who are our founders?

To find out how Orta came to be, click on the video here on the left!



It was in 2017 when Marion, encouraged by her husband, Gauthier, decided to start her own business by offering unique, ethical, made in Europe and affordable creations.

The project is there, big and ambitious, but where to start? The biggest challenge is to find workshops that agree to collaborate with her and to believe in this crazy adventure. After many refusals, no answers, and phone hang-ups, one French workshop agreed to trust her.

Little by little, Orta's collections grew, and very quickly, she felt the need to diversify, but the limits of French manufacturing were felt.

It was not an option for Marion to abandon the workshops that had allowed her to start this adventure.

Portugal quickly became an obvious choice, specialising in knitwear, denim and many other wonders, it was ideal to keep production in Europe, workshops on a human scale, respect for the working conditions and the limitation of the carbon footprint.

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our team

A group of people working towards a common goal. Our mission, at Orta, is to provide you with the best possible experience every day. Because, yes, we don't just spend our days chatting with you on social media, even though we really, really like to do that... a lot. Or eating breakfast, for that matter!

  • Marion


    Co-founder & Artistic Director

    More commonly known as the "Control Tower"

    Her favourite piece: 
    the Fanny birds shirt

  • Gauthier



    Or "The great inventor of pre-orders"

    Her favourite piece: 
    the Charlie sweatshirt

  • Claire


    Finance & HR Director

    Whether it's rainy, windy or sunny, she's always up for it and her good mood is infectious

    Her favourite piece: 
    Paul denim jeans

  • Christy


    Executive Assistant

    No Christy, no money.

    Her favourite piece: 
    Ambre winter dress

  • Eline


    Customer Experience & IT Manager

    When she visits the logistics team, she can't help but prepare some of your orders

    Her favourite piece: 
    the Roxane shirt

  • Joséphine


    In charge of Customer care

    Behind the screen or on the phone, there is always a person smiling (and smiling brightly)

    Her favourite piece: 
    the Simon dungarees

  • Gabrièle


    In charge of Customer Service

    From Biarritz to Brussels, one thing matters: customer first

    Her favourite piece: 
    The Edouard black stone jeans

  • Alessandra


    Head of Communication and Image

    Her priority: introducing the dalmatians to Orta

    Her favourite piece: 
    the Romeo shorts

  • Laurie


    In charge of Communication & Image

    Her favourite expression: Oufti!

    Her favourite piece: 
    The Austin sweat

  • Line


    Graphic Designer

    Illustrator, Indesign, and Photoshop are my best friends! Just kidding. Or not…

    Her favourite piece: 
    The Joséphine sweaters

  • Laura


    Graphic designer

    So motivated in her job, no font holds any secrets for her

    Her favourite piece: 
    Gabin sailor jumper

  • Louise


    Styling and Product Development Manager

    Louise is known to have the memory of an elephant

    Her favourite piece: 
    the Marcel coat

  • Aïthi



    You'd have to see it to believe it... But Aïthi doesn't understand anything about social media despite our brand being 100% online

    Her favourite piece: 
    the Fred shirt

  • Quentin


    Quality & Environment Manager

    Aka : the green hand

    Her favourite piece: 
    the Sebastian jumper

  • Zoé


    Retail manager

    Her little secret for staying in great form? M&M'S!

    Her favourite piece: 
    the Jane jumper

  • Laurence


    Pop-up stores manager

    Nothing can escape her attention, from the set-up to the Tetris in the stockrom, her eagle eye optimises everything

    Her favourite piece: 
    the Marion Zébré trousers

  • Pallavi


    Pop-up officer

    I can't, I have pop-up

    Her favourite piece: 
    The Lucas jumper

  • Agathe


    Pop-up officer

    Able to sell ice cream to an Eskimo

    Her favourite piece: 
    The gabin jumper

  • Hind


    Boutique Manager

    At the office, we call her our Tiktok Star

    Her favourite piece: 
    Pants Achille

  • Alix


    Sales Advisor

    en PLS… en Permanence avec Le Sourire !

    Her favourite piece: 
    Sweat Emilie

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