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Our history

This is how it all started in 2017

The creator
The story
of Orta
The team
and its evolution


The creator

What is it that you do at Orta?

I'm the brand's co-founder and art director.

What triggered you to create Orta?

I'd always wanted to create a European brand
that was affordable, transparent and ethical.
I felt there was nothing like that on the market

Why did you choose the "made in Europe"?

Gauthier and I, we wanted to create "made in Europe" items that were affordable.
also extremely important for us to bring back
the French know-how, we wanted to preserve that.
And, most of all, our desire was to have European products that didn't
require people to spend half their monthly salary.

What's your favorite motto?

Entrepreneurship is a marathon, not a sprint.

What does a day in your life look like?

My days never look the same, and I think that's what I like
about a start-up like Orta.
One day you may find me discussing the management of our social networks with Manon.
I can have weeks or days entirely devoted to styling.
One day you may find me going over marketing projects with Juliette,
or discussing strategy with Gauthier.
It can really vary from day to day.

Any advice for those who want to start something like this?

Believe in yourself and your ideas, persist, always keep dreaming and work hard.

The story

of Orta

It is 2017. Encouraged by her husband, Gauthier,
Marion decides to embark on the journey of entrepreneurship to offer
unique, ethical and affordable creations that are "made in Europe".

She has the business plan and it's big and ambitious, but where to start?
The biggest challenge is to find factories that will agree to collaborate
with her and believe in this crazy adventure.
After many rejections, no replies or simply being hung up on numerous occasions,
she finally finds a French factory that is willing to trust her.

Little by little, Orta's collections grew, and very quickly
came the desire to diversify them.
Unfortunately it was also where the limits of French production were felt.

Abandoning the factories that allowed Marion to start this adventure
was not an option, so she had to look for new ones that could offer
a different kind of know-how.

It very quickly became obvious that Portugal was the place she would find what she needed. Specialized in knits, denim and many other wonders that would allow manufacturing to stay in Europe, people-oriented factories, with ethical working conditions and the ability to limit the carbon footprint,
it was exactly what she needed.

Three years later, these same factories are still part of the adventure,
new ones have joined, and ideas are still flowing.

The team and offices are growing and so is our community without
which nothing would have been possible.

Based in Brussels, the Orta offices host part of the team on a daily basis.
As we kept hiring, we had to expand our offices and acquired
a new floor in July 2019 so that everyone could have their own space.
It's in these cozy offices that creativity flows, where all our creations are designed, but also where all our projects come to fruition.

More than just a brand, Orta is above all a human, collective adventure that we continue to write together day after day.

The team

and it's evolution

The adventure began with two people, but the team has grown over the years and there have been lots of new hires.
Passionate, dynamic, young, united and creative, the Orta team always finds a good excuse to get together over a homemade breakfast and brainstorm around a new idea.

These are the people who make up the Orta dream team :


Co-founder & art director

Her favorite Orta creation :

The Fanny shirt

A small anecdote :

Marion, alias "the Control Tower, because nothing escapes her. Don't even try hiding something from her, she'll always find out.



His favorite Orta creation :

The Charlie sweatshirt

A small anecdote :

He was the one who invented the Orta pre-orders system


Managing Director

Her favorite Orta creation :

The Eléonore sweater

A small anecdote :

You can tell her a natural disaster's just happened, she'll always find a solution.


Marketing & branding manager

Her favorite Orta creation :

The Maud pants

A small anecdote :

Better known as MacGyver, Juliette is always available to hammer a nail into a wall, assemble an IKEA cabinet, or to move the entire office.


Communications manager

Her favorite Orta creation :

The Laetitia jogger

A small anecdote :

A keyboard pro, Manon will answer more than 100 Instagram messages in 10 minutes!



Her favorite Orta creation :

The Jules overalls

A small anecdote :

Don't tell her anything, she remembers everything! Ask her how many Jules are left in stock, she knows the numbers by heart.


Customer service manager

Her favorite Orta creation :

The Roxane shirt

A small anecdote :

Sat next to the intercom in the Orta office, Eline is always there to greet the postmen and receive packages for the office.


Pattern maker

The Albane blouse

La blouse Albane

A small anecdote :

Aïthi works for a 100% online brand but doesn't understand anything about social media.

The team wouldn't be what it is without them!!

We can't introduce our team without mentioning all the other people who work with us on a daily basis,
starting with our wonderful seamstresses, our fantastic agent in Portugal, our incredible photographer,
not to mention our extremely talented developers, our system engineer and so many others!
A great team that keeps us moving forward every day and without whom none of this would be possible ♥

Want to join the Orta adventure and become part of our fabulous team? Don't hesitate to check out our job postings on LinkedIn
or send us your CV and cover letter to :)

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