L'ÉTÉ PARTIE 4 - BRISE IODÉE: The July collection is online.                                                                   


L'ÉTÉ PARTIE 4 - BRISE IODÉE: The July collection is online.                                                                   

Our pre-orders

Or The Holy Grail of Serial Shoppers

« Sold out »…

These harsh words that sometimes (often) appear on our creations... To fight against this plague, no stress, pre-orders are here.

The pre-order

What does it mean exactly?

The pre-order is a revolutionary idea (this is hardly an exaggeration) which allows us to limit stocks, production costs and therefore also waste... In fact, we only produce what we have already sold.
And there you have it - one more step for humanity.

The pre-orders have been with us from the very beginning and are still with us today for the items you love most.
In the space of a few days, we give you the opportunity to order the item you loved so much but missed out on... So yes, it takes a bit of waiting on your part but it's totally worth it!

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Bureau Orta
     Orta une mode durable  •  Orta une mode durable  •

The steps
of a pre-order

Marion & Gauthier

  1. 1    Orta une mode durable  •  Orta une mode durable  •

    Eeny, meeny. miny, moe…
    What pre-order are we going to launch?

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    At Orta, our goal is to have satisfied customers. So when we see that one of our creations has really hit the spot, then we set up pre-orders just for you!

    You are at the core of each of our decisions, everything is orchestrated according to YOUR requests and preferences.

  2. 2    Orta une mode durable  •  Orta une mode durable  •

    Hello Pedro?

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    Once the VIPs (very important pieces) are identified. We contact our suppliers to find out about manufacturing times.

    In general, it takes 3 weeks for the magic to happen and for the printed fabrics to be delivered to our workshops.

    There are also buttons and trims that can take longer in terms of manufacturing... But not to worry, we always keep you informed on the delay!

  3. 3    Orta une mode durable  •  Orta une mode durable  •

    Work work work (you're welcome for getting that Rihanna tune stuck in your head for the rest of the day)

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    Cut, assembled, washed, ironed, just a few more steps to give life to your creation.

    This stage takes about 4 weeks, once finished, we head for the logistics centre in the North of France.

  4. 4    Orta une mode durable  •  Orta une mode durable  •

    Ciao Bello

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    We know that making a pre-order requires patience... But it is so worth it!

    Ecologically speaking (and in terms of personal satisfaction), it makes sense.

    From the moment you pre-order until the postman rings your doorbell, it takes an average of one to two months.

    The wait is worth it!

Seamstresses production

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