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Our pre-orders

The solution to the "Sold Out" problem? Pre-orders!

« Sold Out » : these are two words we are confronted with every month. Our creations sell very quickly (some too quickly, we agree) and you rapidly find yourself faced with the "Sold Out" tag on e-shop pieces that will no longer be in production. We know it’s frustrating for you, it is for us too! Despite all our efforts to increase our production capacity and offer you our creations in larger quantities, it’s not always enough.

There is one thing we can say about Orta though:
we are committed to satisfying as many of our customers as possible.
So we racked our brains to find a solution that works for you and that is in accordance with our sustainable approach.

Are you curious how we decided to fix this issue? Okay, here it is! :)


We’ve decided to offer pre-orders!

But how does it work exactly?

Production is only greenlit at the end of the pre-order period. For several days, you have the chance to order without worrying or rushing and we also don’t overproduce. As we only produce items depending on demand, we can avoid stocks, unsold pieces and, of course, waste.
Tadaaam... problem solved!

Pre-orders represent the last chance for you to shop for your favorite pieces, since our designs are not carried over from one collection to another. Sign up for our newsletter if you never want to miss any news!

The pre-order process

  1. How do we choose which items go on pre-orders?


    At Orta, we are always at your disposal, so we really strive to launch pre-orders for as many of your favorite creations as possible.

    It is thanks to your feedback and subscriptions to restocking alerts that we choose the pieces that will be available for pre-orders.

    Then begins the really difficult task of planning the schedules of our workshops so that they coincide, all while ensuring the production of the upcoming collections goes ahead with no hiccups.

    What does this mean? Unfortunately, it means we cannot offer pre-orders on every design.

  2. Our fabrics

    Our fabrics

    Before offering pre-orders, we contact our suppliers in order to find out the production deadlines on our fabrics, buttons, braids etc.

    It takes about 3 weeks for our fabrics to be printed and then delivered to our workshops.

    It is also necessary to take into account the production deadlines on the buttons and stripes that we usually use as design details.

  3. Pre-order production

    Pre-order production

    Once we have successfully gone through the first stages, it is our factories’ turn to take over.

    The fabric is then cut, assembled, washed, ironed, etc., and then your creation is ready to be shipped (and we can finally breathe a little bit)!

    After about 4 weeks of confection, the creations can then leave the workshops and reach our logistics warehouse in France.

  4. Delivery


    As you can see, all of these steps take a while.

    From the moment you pre-order to the moment the postman rings your doorbell, it takes an average of one to two months.

    Even when every step of the process goes smoothly, we are not immune to a truck flat tire during delivery! (yes, yes, this is something we’ve already experienced)

    By producing according to demand, we’re aware we’re making you wait for a little bit. It’s all worth the wait though! After all of that, you’ll be even happier to wear your beautiful purchased item.

Did you miss out on pre-ordering your favorite design? Don't worry, you’ll have one last chance.
Thanks to returns from our customers, some pieces could make their last big comeback on our e-shop!
So, to make sure you don't miss a thing, subscribe to restocking alerts on the product sheets.
You will then receive an email when your favorite pieces are available again.

Pre-orders? We know everything about that!

Orta models

As a little anecdote, it all started during your big Albane blouse craze in January 2018. At the time, we didn't have a pre-order system in place so our method was quite rudimentary... we asked for your sizes in our Instagram comments!

In January 2019, when our Jules overalls went live, your enthusiasm was such that Jules was Sold Out in just a few minutes. We quickly realized that what we needed was a pre-order system, so we set out to develop one as efficiently as possible for both you and our workshops.

With so much enthusiasm on your part, we launched our first real pre-order sale.
And wow, we weren't expecting it to be so successful! We therefore quickly repeated the experience by offering you pre-orders more regularly.


Your returns are offered from
Metropolitan France, Belgium,
Germany, the Netherlands
and Luxembourg.

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