L'ÉTÉ, PARTIE 3 - BRISE PASSIONNÉE: The June collection is online.                              JOIN THE ORTA ADVENTURE: How about becoming an Orta shareholder?                              


L'ÉTÉ, PARTIE 3 - BRISE PASSIONNÉE: The June collection is online.                              JOIN THE ORTA ADVENTURE: How about becoming an Orta shareholder?                              

Join the adventure

Why become a shareholder?

Since day one, in 2017, we have been pushing the boundaries of sustainable fashion daily. We have a mission: to always do better, respecting both people and the environment. Because yes, more sustainable fashion is possible.

To break the barriers of fast fashion, we need you because there is still so much to do to make responsible fashion more accessible. Join the adventure with Team Orta to promote fashion and European craftsmanship.

Join the adventure

Capital loss risk

It's time to put a stop to fast fashion

  Orta une mode durable   •  Orta une mode durable  •

We all have the choice

The choice to support an unsustainable economy or to invest in a more respectful future.

  • 220K

    It's the number of people who follow us daily on Instagram. A growing community for which we work every day.

  • 2

    100% European production chains that Gauthier has deciphered, assembled, and studied to offer you products with an ecological footprint that beats all records.

  • 37

    The incredible number of pop-up stores we have opened since our beginnings. We have traveled across France, Luxembourg, and Belgium to meet you. And we want to go even further…

I made my choice


Creation of Orta in 2017

Creation of Orta in 2017

Pink October

Commitment since 2020 for Pink October & International Women's Day

BeCommerce Award in 2021

BeCommerce Award in 2021

100% European viscose

Creation of our 100% European viscose in 2022

Our very first store

In 2022, opening of our very first store

Belgian Fashion Award in 2023

Belgian Fashion Award in 2023

Certified BCORP

We are certified BCORP at the end of 2023 and become the first Belgian ready-to- wear brand to achieve this.

Our first jewelry line

Creation of our first jewelry line in 2024

Join us

Notre communauté

La communauté Orta

A future together

To build the future we dream of, we need you. To continue to open the doors of 100% made in Europe. Here are our ambitions:

1 Discover your style    •    Discover your style    •    

Always improve our quality by offering Made in Europe & Premium pieces

2 Discover your style    •    Discover your style    •    

Increase our international presence by opening new stores

3 Discover your style    •    Discover your style    •    

Preserve European culture

La communauté Orta

Being a shareholder, what's that?


Crowdfunding allows individuals to support a project via an online platform, offering the opportunity to invest your savings in a meaningful project.

By choosing to invest with us, you will go through the Crowdcube platform, ensuring the security of the transaction, and you will become an Orta investor.

This means you will own a share or equity in the company.

Additionally, you can benefit from various rewards ranging from €15 offered to early access to our collections or even a dinner with the founders.

You also have the opportunity to earn a potential return on investment through dividends or when the company is sold.

Now is the perfect time to start, become a shareholder from €15.

The process

  1. Pre-registration
  2. Early access
    to the campaign
  3. Welcome to Orta
1 Discover your style    •    Discover your style    •    

If you are interested in the project and want to participate, you can now create your Crowdcube account and pre-register.

This pre-registration will give you exclusive access to the campaign ahead of time. We will inform you of the launch date.

Note, places are limited! To guarantee your spot, sign up now.

2 Discover your style    •    Discover your style    •    

As promised, we offer you exclusive access to our campaign before everyone else! You can now choose the amount you want to invest, starting from €15.

To thank you, we have designed different reward levels that you can discover directly on Crowdcube.

3 Discover your style    •    Discover your style    •    

You are now a shareholder of Orta!

It’s the beginning of a great adventure towards more responsible fashion. We look forward to meeting you! And above all… THANK YOU, without you, we wouldn't be here.

Why Crowdcube ?

We chose Crowdcube because it is the European leader and a very serious player in this field, with thousands of positive reviews and billions invested. After many discussions with them, we were convinced of their professionalism.

We also knew that with Crowdcube, it would be possible to invest in Orta from €15. It was essential for us that everyone who wants to join the adventure and support our mission can do so. Crowdfunding allows companies like ours to obtain capital from a large group of investors, making our campaign accessible to the widest audience.

Who can invest?

All individuals aged 18 and over can invest. However, due to certain legal and regulatory constraints, we regret that individual investors residing in the United States, Canada, and Japan cannot participate in this crowdfunding campaign.

How can I invest?

You can participate in our fundraising campaign through the Crowdcube platform, where you can purchase shares starting from €15.

If I get priority access, am I obliged to invest?

No, priority access simply guarantees that you are part of an exclusive community with early access to investment opportunities. This ensures you do not miss out on securing your investment if we reach our maximum goal and close the fundraising.

What is the minimum amount I can invest?

The minimum investment amount is €15.

Capital loss risk : investing in start-ups and early-stage businesses involves risks, including illiquidity, lack of dividends, loss of investment, and dilution, and should only be undertaken as part of a diversified portfolio.