L'ÉTÉ PARTIE 4 - BRISE IODÉE: The July collection is online.                                                                   


L'ÉTÉ PARTIE 4 - BRISE IODÉE: The July collection is online.                                                                   

La Baraque

The Shop

16a rue jean stas, 1060 Bruxelles

OMG, I'm heading there now!

The Orta shop is the space you've been waiting for. A shop that takes you into Orta's world, a journey through the collections and sustainable creations. We conceived the shop to provide you with a privileged and timeless moment accompanied by our team on site.

Discover our timeless pieces, the new collections, our leather goods, Orta La Suite and many other surprises at 16a Rue Jean Stas.

Monday 10h30-18h30
Tuesday 10h30-18h30
Wednesday 10h30-18h30
Thursday 10h30-18h30
Friday 10h30-18h30
Saturday 10h30-18h30
Sunday Closed

Any questions or queries? Feel free to contact us at +32 2 384 94 89

How to get there

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Personal shopping

Would you like to spend a special moment at La Baraque? Need some personalised advice?

Yes, we all need a helping hand to find the perfect outfit. Away from the hustle and bustle of the shops, we're here to help you book your very own moment.

Trained in colourimetry and morphology, Hind and Alix will offer you creations that will make you look your very best. As well as being talented, the girls are also super friendly and know how to put you at ease (a good time guaranteed).

How can we help? Make an appointment and tell us what you're looking for by phone on +32 2 384 94 89. In order to prepare your selection in advance, we will ask you for a small photo of yourself.