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The Brand

The Orta Adventure

The Orta Adventure

It’s 2015. Marion, from Lille, settles in Brussels.
She misses the small shops in Lille where she would always go explore and find exclusive pieces.
Encouraged by her husband, she decides to become an entrepreneur and start selling selections of women's ready-to-wear fashion.

She dreams big. She decides she also wants to create something special. She wants to design unique affordable pieces, that are also ethical and made in Europe.

Two years later, the project materializes and the Orta brand starts putting out monthly collections of its own creations, all designed in Brussels and entirely made in Europe.
Ambition and inspiration are what made 
the Orta story a reality.

There are so many elements that help this story get better and better: our team that is constantly growing (both people and offices), fantastic factories we collaborate with and that we truly cherish, you, our friends, who enrich it, a golden community that makes everything possible.

More than just a brand, Orta is above all a human, collective adventure that we continue to write together, day after day after day…

The Creator

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Marion, I am overflowing with energy, endless ambition and creativity.

I grew up surrounded and fascinated by textile factories, so I always had this desire to one day go to one of these in search of the most talented seamstresses to make my creations.

I’m originally from Lille, so I was brought up in the textile capital. It is the city that made me passionate about the world of fashion, fabrics, creation and triggered this desire to do it all myself.

Always animated and free-spirited, I traveled and then spent two years in London after my studies; London, a city that will forever remain in my heart, a place that taught me so much and also where I found love.

A love that took me to Brussels; seduced by this bustling metropolis, I felt that it was the perfect place to develop my ideas and build what I had only been dreaming of. 
Orta was born out of a love story and a girl’s childhood dream.


Marion, the creator

« Orta is a brand, but it is also the fulfillment of a dream and an example for all those who have the ambition to succeed, so that everyone remembers that every idea, every project is achievable. Don't dream your ideas, realize them! »

Our Values

Our Values


Made in Europe

The fabrics you see in our shop throughout the seasons, as well as the factories that manufacture them, are chosen depending on the know-how necessary for each creation.

All creations are entirely made in France and Portugal.

Behind every piece of clothing, there is European know-how, a factory and a seamstress with magical fingers.

We cherish and maintain a close relationship with the people involved in creating your clothes.


A responsible approach

The Orta adventure is also about sustainable fashion. 
Our pieces are of high quality and designed to be durable. 
Any type of production abides by social standards.

Our production cycle is thought out in such a way as to reduce our carbon footprint and promote local production.
Our French factories manufacture your creations. These are then sent to our logistics plant located not far from there that prepares your beautiful packages.

Our shipment system is designed with respect for the environment and focuses on the consolidation of your orders to limit transportation needs and the cost of their ecological impact.
Your orders are sent in 100% recycled pouches.


Trendy pieces

Orta launches new collections each month, as it wants to offer you trendy, stylish pieces, clothes that you can rely on and will last a long time, thanks to the high quality designs and fabrics.


Affordable prices

Orta offers creations that are made using French and Portuguese know-how at fair and reasonable prices.

We want our creations to be accessible to as many people as possible.

This is attainable thanks to our direct marketing strategy, from factory to customer, which allows us to offer you affordable prices.

We offer the best price given the fabrics we use, the required know-how and seamstresses who participate in the manufacturing process.

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