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  Our commitment :

  • Where do you produce your creations?

    We are proud to manufacture our creations in family workshops in Portugal and France. Our workshops complement each other in order to offer you quality creations, according to their respective expertise.

    We invite you to check out the « Our workshops » tab to immerse yourself in the world of our French and Portuguese workshops.

  • How do you deliver your creations?

    At Orta, we are constantly evolving and trying to do the best we can. We try to be sustainable from the harvest of the raw materials to the delivery of your creations. We produce on a European scale so all our items are sent by land in order to reduce our carbon footprint and our impact on the environment.

  • Do you use sustainable materials?

    At Orta, we prioritize the use of sustainable materials (organic and certified) as much as possible. What matters to us is that the cultivation and processing of our materials are carried out in compliance with environmental and social standards.

    Each month, you can find the specific percentage of creations made from sustainable materials here.

    Each product sheet contains all the details concerning each creation (composition, certifications).

    Orta is also committed to banning the following components from its creations:
    Alkylphenols, Phthalates and Fluorocarbons (PFCs)

  • I saw that some of your creations are certified, what does that mean?

    Orta is committed to being as transparent as possible with its customers. The certifications are there to attest to the sustainable nature of our creations. You will find all the information on each of our certifications here.


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