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We met Florie from Chia and Chill!

We met Florie from Chia and Chill!

Publié le : 12-06-2016 Catégories : Interview

Chia and Chill, it's what we like! We wanted to know more about Florie, a lifestyle blogger with an energetic life!

Les Comptoirs d’Orta : Hello Florie, how did come up with the idea to create a lifestyle blog?

I hesitated for a long time before starting one, because I could not find any blogs that combined my four passions: fitness, healthy food, fashion and travel. But, despite my irresistible desire to propose and write quality content, my shyness and my huge lack of self-confidence took precedence. My work with the fashion blogger Noholita had already pleased me enormously, but as a friend as well, she motivated me, and with the firm support of my boyfriend, I decided to take the challenge, and Chia & Chill was born.

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Your universe is very healthy, since when have you invested so much in this universe?
It all goes back to when I was very young, my mother never served me prepared dishes - everything on my plate was homemade. My grandparents owned a farm in Normandy and whether it came to meat, fruit, vegetables or milk, there was no need to go far. So, I've never been particularly attracted to junk food or greasy and processed foods, and I've never liked meat either. Then over the years, when I became more involved in sports, I found biological products more important,  and wanted to find alternatives to certain products, stop my consumption of dairy products, annd to inquire and be interested in vegan, or raw cuisines. I do not belong to any specific family, I am a flexitarian and I eat a lot of vegetables, fruits and vegetables, but I listen to my body and my desires, I allow myself discrepancies, and I am happy when I can hqve something and not feel any guilt! I follow nutrition like this because I like to eat so that I am hungry before my dishes, and not to lose weight or follow any trend.


Can you give us one of your favorite recipes?

It's not so much about recipes but rather the sandwiches! If there are two foods I worship, it is bread and avocado. This is nothing original, but my favorite has to be avocado-toast! The classic crushed avocado with a drizzle of olive oil and lemon juice is already perfect, but I like to customize them from time to time with a poached egg and chives, or fresh goat cheese and balsamic, or again with salmon and mango! I just can't pass them up!

What is a typical day for you?

So my days are pretty well organized but absolutely not repetitive. Some days I spend my day on the computer checking my mail, responding to comments, doing research, or writing articles; on other days I spend my day in the kitchen preparing and testing new recipes. Some other days I take pictures, or craft the visuals related to my future articles, or I ask my boyfriend photograph some new looks. I am also the collaborator of the blogger Noholita, as I manage her partnerships and assist her for appointments, ongoing collaborations, shopping, etc. So I have very busy days, but that's great for me because I am passionate about everything I do! The only thing that NEVER changes is the fact that I always get up very early around 6am to start my day, with a hearty breakfast and big session of athletic activity for at least 1h30-2h, no matter if its on a weekday or the weekend.


Today, can you live off your blog?

Not yet because the blog is still a baby, but that was not my first goal when opening it, fortunately! I am not against partnerships as in general it allows bloggers to share but in my opinion it is necessary that the opinion shared is sincere and objective; I have unsubscribed from many blogs or Instagram qccounts because they became simple showcases for brands and I find that a pity. I take care of my blog every day, I do not count my hours, I talk a lot with my readers, I answer everyone, so really it is for pleasure and not for profit. 

 What Instagram / blogs do you like to follow?

Here are my top 3 :

Fashion : NoholitaLa Revue de KenzaEt Pourquoi pas Coline

Fitness : Constance Healthy, Bonjour Darling, Le Canard Ivre

Cooking : Clea Cuisine100% VegetalChef Nini

Lifestyle : Mango and SaltCarnet PruneAlexandra Muller

Then, I am much more active on Instagram, but I am following so many accounts that I do not even remember who!

What is your favorite piece from Les Comptoirs d'Orta?

The sweater GABRIELLE, the good old turtleneck which keeps you warm, is impossible for me to miss next season!

We would like to thank Florie for giving us the time to reply to our questions, and we wish her good luck with her work!

The team Les Comptoirs d'Orta 

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