Interview with Mahéva from bbmaheva !

Interview with Mahéva from bbmaheva !

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Hello, Mahéva! Would you like to introduce yourself first?

Hello! I’m Maheva, I’m 23, I’ve been a Parisian for a little while now but I’m still a Norman at heart. I went to Paris for my studies and I ended up staying there! I love clothes, make-up, photography... A real girl, no?

Why "bbmaheva"?

It goes way back! I was in high school (hello, aging!) and a friend started calling me that. She says it’s because I have the head and big cheeks of a baby. So baby cheeks + Mahéva => bbmaheva. Quite simple, isn’t it? Haha. As I found it quite cute, I decided to make it my username when I created my Instagram account, it was the obvious choice!

You have an Instagram account, you’ve recently launched a blog and you’ve started your professional life, there are a lot of things happening at the same time for you. I imagine you need to disconnect sometimes, what are some hobbies that you’re saving for those moments?

It's a lot indeed but it's so exciting! I’m 100% into anything digital and my job is somewhat connected to that medium. So these things complement each other and I love it! My “disconnect” moments are therefore closely related to these passions. I fell in love with photography years ago so I really enjoy walking and taking pictures of all the things I like! Even better if it's instagramable haha ;) I also love browsing the internet and discovering new blogs and Instagram accounts, it's so inspiring!

I’m an avid TV show watcher so the TV show + duvet combo is perfect for me! I also love returning to my little Normandy from time to time and taking advantage of everything our beautiful Paris has to offer with my partner and my friends.

You created your blog a short time ago; could you tell us more about what you want to share through it?

Yeah, everything is quite recent, but those who know me know that I’ve been thinking about it for years. I've always been interested in blogs but I didn’t really have any specific ideas about what I wanted to share, what my purpose was, what I wanted to create ... These days I really feel the need to share more than what Instagram allows me. So this blog is a natural continuation of my Instagram account, it’s just that I can express myself much more and I can share more photos! I plan on posting looks, some "mood" articles, full reviews of products I got to test myself, trips... always accompanied by (I hope) quality photos. This is my idea for now, we’ll see how this blog baby evolves!

You finished your Master’s, you have a new life waiting for you, how do you perceive this experience that’s just beginning, what are your goals and how do you want to experience this?

I'm going to be honest with you, mentally, this is not a very clear time for me; you’ve just finished studying, you are thrown into the job market, it's seriously scary, no? I am lucky to have found a job right as I finished my internship during my master2, but it’s still a leap into the unknown!

When it comes to the blog, I see it as a passion that will allow me to get out of my routine, to share, to create, to express myself. I really want to fully commit myself to it!


I assume one would want to go on vacation once they’re done with their studies! What’s your dream destination?

Oh absolutely! I went to rest with some of my family in the south of France before starting the serious stuff. It really helped me recharge my batteries, but my dream would be to buy a ticket for the United States and go there with friends and my partner, rent a car and go through all the West Coast towns and national parks!

You’re from Le Havre but you’ve settled in Paris; how was your arrival to the capital like? Any stories from your early life as a Parisian?

Newly arrived in Paris, I’d just come back from a year of Erasmus and I wanted to not think about it, so I jumped head first into that life. I started a summer job as a saleswoman at the Galeries Lafayette just a week after my arrival. Starting my life in Paris was quite good; it’s actually what I had wanted to do for years. The little Norman’s really cliché dream of "going up to the capital"!

Between Le Havre and Paris, you must have some good spots you can recommend! Best places to eat? Your favorite spots? Where should one go chill?

If you’re in Le Havre, the best place to chill is the beach. There’s a really cool restaurant/bar by the sea, called La petite rade. Their mojitos are to die for ;). I also love to walk high up near the cliffs, the view is incredible and it's so relaxing!

As a fan of burgers, I need to recommend the ones from Schwartz's Deli in Paris. Chicken, beef, veggie... There's something for everyone and they also do home delivery ... The Polpo restaurant in Levallois Perret is also great: a houseboat with a terrace, quite isolated from the Parisian crowds. You should try the mussels à la plancha or pasta with truffles! My favorite spots seem to be food-related but oh well? ;)

We’ve noticed that you like make-up and cosmetics, especially lipsticks and nail polish ;) What was your last purchase?

You blew my cover! The old girly girl cliché, but hey, I confess, it’s all true! I recently purchased several lipsticks from Nyx’s Lingerie collection. I’d been hearing about it all over the internet for months and months so I finally gave in and frankly, what a huge disappointment! The colors are beautiful but they have no staying power. I really love this brand but this collection, just no!

Do you have any infallible beauty tricks you could share with us?

It’s rather a piece of advice! I’ve just banished micellar water from my make-up removal routine and I replaced it with make-up remover oil! Believe me, girls, it’ll make a huge difference on your skin! 

And finally, what are some of your favorite pieces from the Comptoirs d'Orta e-shop?

I have so many! I love the Agathe top; it’s a must-have basic piece for your wardrobe!

The Lou shorts are also perfect, I can already picture myself wearing them with a flowy blouse and derbies, and it would be the perfect outfit for work!

Another basic item I’d choose, the Giulia wedges, they’d make the perfect combo with raw slim jeans and a flowy shirt! A simple and powerful look at the same time!

We want to thank Mahéva for taking the time to answer our questions and we wish her the best! Keep up the good work!

The Comptoirs d'Orta team ♥