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Interview with Aurélie from Blackwhiteloving !

Interview with Aurélie from Blackwhiteloving !

Publié le : 05-03-2017 Catégories : Interview

Hello Aurélie, first of all thank you for taking the time to answer our questions! Can you describe yourself in a few words ?

I am a mother above all else, every day is different and full of surprises. I try to mix my professional ambitions with my personal life in the best way possible by creating my own little balance between everything I care about.

Your Instagram says that you are a jewelry designer, you design the Lili.C brand. What made you want to create your own jewelry ?
Lili.C has been an opportunity for me to freely express my desires and to share them beyond my entourage. I needed to create jewelry that resembled me but also to design unique pieces with quality materials, very different from the mass-produced and standardized products that can be found everywhere. I also needed opinions from outsiders, from people who did not know me, and who would judge me solely on my creations.

What inspires you when creating jewelry ?
I obviously follow current trends and influences, however, when I create a new model I always make sure to put my own twist and desires on it to make it special and authentic in my clients’ eyes. I think that’s what makes people trust young creators today.

What kind of jewelry would you recommend for this spring and summer and for what kind of looks? A little exclusive for us ?
Ha! I would say that a pair of pompom earrings is the perfect last touch for an outfit. Whether it’s a white t-shirt and jeans or a little black dress for an evening party, they bring an air of freshness to a chic / casual look. On a daily basis, I’m sure you’ve noticed that I am a fan of layering. Whether it’s necklaces or bracelets, I can’t do without them and it’s impossible to choose between all of them!!!

If I say: Lili.C jewelry & a Comptoirs d'Orta piece, what would be the perfect combination ?
I almost want to say that it’s quite obvious. The lightness of the Emma blouse and its embroidered details falling on one’s shoulders combined with the delicacy of the Jade choker seems like the perfect mix for a one-on-one lunch under the midday son and its refreshing breeze.

We’ve also seen that you are a co-founder of the brand Candlebox, together with your sister. What made you want to embark on this adventure ?
Candlebox Provence is a somewhat crazy adventure that was suddenly born on a June afternoon. I had the knowledge and know-how for the craft of candle making; it’s been a passion of mine for more than ten years. Naturally, my love for jewelry quickly became associated with this burgeoning idea. The project matured quite quickly, and my sister immediately suggested we also bring in her communication skills in order to develop this concept together. A few months later we launched our brand, Candlebox Provence, which has been on a nice upward trend recently.

Working with a sister must be really great. What do your days look like ?
It's really motivating and enjoyable! We are a very close-knit family; this adventure can only strengthen our relationship.  Even though she had to leave the South so she could finish her master's degree in Paris, she’s still managing the marketing and communication for our company at the same time. Not a day passes without us talking and reviewing decisions we have to make. This way, each of us has a role to play and knows what needs to be done. Can’t wait for October when Amandine returns to the South and will be able to manage Candlebox Provence with me full-time.

The blog, your Instagram, Lili.C, Candlebox, you’re a true business woman! How do you manage all of this at the same time ?
I admit it’s very complicated sometimes! Every day is different, there are always new things to do, orders to process, candles to make and jewelry to create. My days are very long and my nights are very short, my weekday lunches are done in five minutes, it’s a crazy life. On the other hand, I try to take breaks during the weekend, my children are small and life is far too short for me not to be there to see them grow. I admit that my sister is a pillar of strength for me; she really helps me with the blog, in addition to working on Candlebox Provence. However, I have another incredible help by my side and she’s there every day, it’s my mom! She is with us 100%. She manages the preparation and shipping of boxes, without her we would be completely overwhelmed! I am fully aware of how lucky I am to have such support!

What do you like to do in your free time ?
Even though off-days are quite the rare thing, I spend most of my free time with my family! Our walks and meals are my favorite moments of relaxation! Otherwise, I love decorating so I take advantage of my free time and I often rearrange my house!

What are your future projects ?
I hope to continue on the same path for a long time! I like how diverse my projects are and my main ambition is to continue making Lili.C more and more popular as well as expanding Candlebox Provence across the country and why not further! We opened our first shop / workshop in the South of France in September last year. We are based there and we hope to be able to make our products known beyond our lovely Provence with a new boutique, closer to the capital!!

Can you tell us 3 things that your followers don’t know about you ?

- I make lists and recap charts all the time and for everything!

- I am super tidy, sometimes a little too tidy!

- My wildest dream would be to go around the world with my little family!

& finally, what’s your favorite Comptoirs d’Orta piece ?
If I had to choose one piece, even though it is a tough choice to make, I would settle on the very first thing that caught my eye which is ... the Hippolyte jacket that I find absolutely gorgeous!

We thank Aurélie for giving us time to answer our questions, and we wish her the best for the future!

The team of Les Comptoirs d'Orta 

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