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Flashback on the evolution of the March collection... #2

Flashback on the evolution of the March collection... #2

Publié le : 03-08-2019 Catégories : Orta behind the scene

I don’t know if it’s because of the crazy pace of the monthly collection launches, or the temperature changes of these last few weeks but for me, everything is a blur. I don’t notice the passing of days or weeks anymore.

I mean, here we are again already, a month later :)

For our new friends, I’ve decided to have this monthly rendez-vous with you, so that I can tell you a little bit about what’s happened in the past month. It’s an opportunity for me to talk about a subject that is close to my heart, to tell you more about our behind-the-scenes, but most of all, to discuss with you what our start-up goes through week after week.

So where to start?

Let's start with a positive: a tiny “geek miracle”, our e-shop didn’t go down during our last collection launch. I repeat, OUR E-SHOP DIDN’T GO DOWN :)

We were quite proud of this. You probably think this is something completely banal and I fully agree, but out there in the field, reality was different and the battle was still ongoing: for months and months, our team of web developers worked tirelessly for everything to go smoothly and then, as soon as a solution was found, the number of clients doubled the following month, which forced us to work even harder and go further when it came to optimizing the performance of our server.

Another positive: you seemed to love our creations… Jules, Charlotte and Fanny were sold out in minutes.

It was a great moment that immediately turned into a huge disappointment about not having been able to make you all happy. One of the complicated parts of this designer job is not to be able to judge in advance what creation will spark the greatest enthusiasm!

We have directly contacted our factories and good news, the Fanny and Charlotte shirts will be available in the e-shop again this Tuesday, March 12, at 21:00 #happydance :)

As for the Jules overalls, we have set up a pre-order system following your numerous requests :)

Don’t worry, we haven’t lost them, our European family factories are currently cutting and sewing your gorgeous overalls! We will start shipping them on March 20, just as planned, and we hope you are as happy as we are :)

Speaking of manufacturing... there was a big change at Orta in the last month: we have a new French factory that will help us diversify our know-how.

Why a new factory? Maintaining the pace of production is essential for us, especially because we don’t want the risk of having too many delays in our production chain. So we took the decision to create a partnership between our two factories, in complete transparency, so that they can help each other and divide up the work and have the next collection launches go as smoothly as possible.

The new factory we are working with was very successful in the 80s, but unfortunately had to lay off ¾ of its employees following production outsourcing.

That is why the entire Orta team is very proud to help breathe new life into local French factories like this one :)

Keep in mind that if all of this is possible, if new jobs are created, it is mostly thanks to you, our loyal Orta customers. Beyond the jobs that you help create or keep, there is, above all, a know-how and machinery that gets to be preserved, a know-how that takes decades to acquire. This way, experienced workers can pass their knowledge to the new generation and the “made in Europe” lives on and continuously develops.

I cannot thank you enough for always being there for us, and for making this adventure so intensely beautiful.

See you this Tuesday, March 12, at 21:00, on our e-shop, as it’s time to discover our new collection. And in the meantime, go to our Instagram if you want a preview :)


The Orta team wishes you a wonderful new year ♡

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