Afterwork ♡

Afterwork ♡

Publié le : 01-30-2018 Catégories : Popup Store

 Because it's been a long time since we last saw you, because we can’t wait to see your reactions to the new collection and spend an evening with you…

 Come see us on Thursday, February 15, from 17h to 20h30 at the Orta office, an opportunity for you, dear Brussels ladies, to come and try out your favorite creations ♡

 ** The new co will be available on the e-shop as of Sunday, February 11th.

Some pieces are very often sold out during the first night, so don’t wait if you fall in love with something.

Our advice for you is to order and come pick up / try out your order at these afterwork hours.


See you very soon,



Rue Washington, 48

1050 Brussels